Zombies Run

We pick up with our band of misfit toys as they embark on their road trip. The heat has died down in the Tower (although it’s still very, very toasty) as they make their way downstairs, Morthred piggybacking on Kaiva, Ondelin gazing lovingly at Remi.

They make their way north towards Upper Floy, finding many, many bodies along the way, all charred in places that would have been visible to the sun even before their clothes were burned off by whatever killed them. The foliage is all dead as well, but the buildings of Upper Floy appear to be untouched. (Upper Floy is also glowing green, like a radioactive city in a comic book.)

Their first stop is Bob’s old drinking hole, which appears to be completely deserted. Looks can be deceiving, however, and after knocking on some doors upstairs, Seru hears someone shouting from behind a locked door. She fails utterly to kick it in, but luckily someone even shorter than her is there to help, and Fen utterly destroys the door with one kick. The being inside is wrapped in every blanket they could get their hands on, and starts imploring everyone to leave, to run, to get the heck out of Dodge before it hurts them. Apparently the events of Banfey ‘changed’ them, and they’re now very, very hungry. The party takes this excellent advice, and books it out of the room, and out of the tavern to the sounds of some very angry screaming.

Next stop is the teleportation circle. It’s busted to hell, but there’s still a lot of water around; enough to power the elevator, except the waterwheel has gone still. Something’s blocking it. Spoiler alert: It’s a corpse.

Remi spots some steps a ways off to get them down the cliff in the absence of an elevator, and as they start to approach, they hear moaning coming from Upper Floy. They walk faster. Off in the distance, Seru notices that Gathering is still on fire.

They make it to the top of the stairs, and who do they find but a lovely welcoming party of two undead fellows, hereafter referred to as White Shirt and Green Shirt. Green Shirt came out to attack people and is honestly having such a good time right now, but White Shirt has terrifying and conscious eyes and is here specifically to tango with Seru. It shouts that it’s all her fault that everyone’s dead and proceeds to beat the everloving shit out of her. Neither zombie react in any way to damage, right up to the end.

Morthred starts the fight on the ground, but eventually clambers back up onto Kaiva’s back and the two of them execute the Piggyback of Doom maneuver, dealing some serious damage to Green Shirt and summoning a mystical suit of armor to get in on the fun. Ondelin flits around delivering some much-needed healing to various party members (including Betha, who missed the sweet embrace of unconsciousness so much she got herself knocked out again), and eventually deals the killing blow to Green Shirt! Remi, unfortunately, was on the other side of a building at that time, and missed the whole thing.

After that, the Piggyback of Doom shift over to White Shirt and Kaiva cuts its head off in one stroke. Kansas starts playing as the corpse turns into Dust in the Wind and floats away (Betha tries to set it on fire and burns herself). Seru takes a moment to commune with her deity and express her deep feelings of what the actual fuck was that, bro – it’s apparently new, and undead.

They hear more moaning coming from Upper Floy and decide that maybe hanging around isn’t the best idea, and the curtain falls on the adventurers making their way down the cliffside.


shannon_m_allred Millie

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