Sobren Enattell

Spoiled rich brat who almost got sacrificed @ age 6.


Made friends with the wrong man on Ban Fiend ten years ago, was told by demon-summoning dude Gandry that they were going to see something super cool if they went into an Older Kids Dungeon and then they could take over the world from his stuuuuupid old great-great-great-uncle Gorloris. So, as instructed, Sobren brought his five friends, and then Evil Dude Gandry murdered the “demon” of the Ban Fiend dungeon in front of them, and tied them up, and sacrificed one of Sobren’s friends and then tied Sobren up to sacrifice HIM, but then an intrepid band of 10-13 year olds burst in!! They killed the super-weak demon that had been summoned, shoved Evil Dude Gandry into one of the many large dramatic fire cauldrons in The Demon’s Lair (ooooh~) and then saved Sobren & company.

Now 16-17 y.o.

Sobren Enattell

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